Cambridge Takht & The Pomegranates

We are a group of Arabic music lovers playing our favourite Arabic music.  Professionals and academics during the days, and artists at night, gathered from Egypt, Lebanon,Iraq,Iran Tunisia, England, Mexico and Armenia, India and the list keeps growing ..

Cambridge Takht 

 A traditional Arabic ensemble playing instrumentals and songs from the 19th century 

If you don't know, "Takht" is a traditional music ensembel of Middle Eastern Music dated back to the 18th century . Typically the ensemble consists of the Oud, the Qanun, the Kamanja (or now alternatively the violin), Ney, the Riq or the Darabukkah (Tabla) and is accompanied by singers.

Cambridge Takht & The Pomegranates

We have  added a Pomegranate flavour, represented by musical instruments, that are not traditionally found in a Takht like the bass and guitar. This has resulted in the Cambridge Takht & The Pomegranates! The pomegranates is a prominant fruit across South West Asia & North Africa and is a good representation of our mixed backgrounds.